Are you afraid of cryptocurrency?

It’s Halloween. When all the ghosts (and clowns for some) come out of hiding to give you a scare. And you get candy – which is cool. This year, however, there’s a mysterious spectre that has people spooked – some say he glows gold and even has the power to change the way we see and use money.

Luno bitcoin Halloween

Cryptocurrency: Scary or just a misunderstood creature?

We can understand some of the reasons crypto may frighten you, but don’t let a few non-believers feed you misinformation.

What you’ve experienced

  • You’re not too sure it’s real, maybe it’s a scam?
  • You know about it – but haven’t ‘physically’ seen it
  • You’ve heard people talking about it, but have never experienced it yourself

Without the right information, you could say cryptocurrency is similar to a paranormal sighting. Without needing special scientific equipment, we can debunk the worries or fears you may have when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Is crypto real?

Cryptocurrencies are very much real, and the two we hold on our platform (Bitcoin and Ethereum) are not scams. They both have secure networks, and both pass our checklist:

  • Does it solve a clear and unique use case? Does a working solution already exist?
  • Does it have a large community of people who will be willing to adopt this solution?
  • Is it decentralised?
  • What does the team look like? Do they have experience?
  • Is it clear it doesn’t have associations with pump and dump schemes or fraud?

If a coin doesn’t fit with the above considerations, we won’t add it to our product offering.

If I can’t hold it, how can I exchange it for goods and services?

Just like when people were first unsure of online bank transfers and using credit or cheque cards to pay online, it’s normal to feel a bit apprehensive when technology moves forward.

And like the two examples above, cryptocurrency is the logical next step in how we utilise and merge tech and money. Just because you can’t physically touch it, doesn’t mean it’s not in your possession. It’s very real, unlike your fake vampire teeth, and very much like that annoying piece of Halloween candy stuck in your teeth.

Experience crypto for yourself

It’s kind of like hearing spooky Halloween stories when you’ve never had that experience. You can listen, you can nod, but you can’t really get involved in the conversation.

And while you may never have had a paranormal experience, you can easily get involved with cryptocurrencies using Luno. You can say you’ve debunked the myths surrounding crypto, and it’s not scary.

In fact, using Luno is a simple and stress-free experience. We make it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sceptical? Sign up and see for yourself.

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