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Below is a Certified Luno Educator, who is trained to conduct basic cryptocurrency education classes and social events.

Neither Luno nor any Certified Luno Educators will ever give financial or trading advice. They will never offer to trade or invest on your behalf, nor are they authorised to. Educators will also never ask for your password, 2FA codes or one-time pin. Please don’t share these with anyone at all – even if they say they work at or with Luno. 

The Educator’s official social channels are listed below. Please make sure to check the address is correct before you engage with them, as scammers will create fake profiles that look very similar and may only have 1 number or letter changed. 

If you sense something suspicious is going on, please end all communication and contact us regarding your concerns. Please report it to us by submitting screenshots of the incident here.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, my name is Augustine from Shah Alam, Selangor and I’m a crypto enthusiast. 

Describe what you do as a Luno Educator in one sentence.

I conduct crypto and blockchain educational classes for newbies.

Why did you choose to become a Luno Educator?

I wanted to share what I’ve learnt about crypto and blockchain with others to create awareness of cryptocurrency’s fundamental value and how blockchain technology solves real-life problems. Luno’s Educator Program provides me with a platform to help others. Indirectly, it also helps to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption in Malaysia.

How would you define financial literacy?

Financial literacy is about how we understand and use our financial resources to make informed investment decisions to ultimately generate passive incomes.

Why should others care about financial literacy?

We need to understand basic financial literacy to avoid making poor financial decisions and to achieve financial stability before and after approaching your retirement age.

How did you develop your own financial literacy?

I started my financial literacy journey 20 years ago when I attended a financial workshop called “How to grow your wealth” organised by a reputable financial institution. I’m very fortunate to have attended the workshop. It taught me the art of investing and how to manage portfolio risk.

What advice do you have for people at the beginning of their crypto journey?

Learn before you earn. Remember to set your investment targets and also diversify your portfolio. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

What would you say to somebody on the fence about Bitcoin?

I think it is good to start with small investments using extra cash. When you are comfortable with what you have invested, you can gradually increase your investment portfolio size. 

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