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Below is a Certified Luno Educator, who is trained to conduct basic cryptocurrency education classes and social events.

Neither Luno nor any Certified Luno Educators will ever give financial or trading advice. They will never offer to trade or invest on your behalf, nor are they authorised to. Educators will also never ask for your password, 2FA codes or one-time pin. Please don’t share these with anyone at all – even if they say they work at or with Luno. 

The Educator’s official social channels are listed below. Please make sure to check the address is correct before you engage with them, as scammers will create fake profiles that look very similar and may only have 1 number or letter changed. 

If you sense something suspicious is going on, please end all communication and contact us regarding your concerns. Please report it to us by submitting screenshots of the incident here.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! My name is Felicia, an Ipoh girl currently working and staying in Selangor. I enjoy trying out new things and connecting with people. 

Describe what you do as a Luno Educator in one sentence.

I teach cryptocurrency using analogies, stories, and examples so beginners can easily understand them.

Why did you choose to become a Luno Educator?

I have been using Luno for two years and Luno is the first regulated exchange in Malaysia which makes me feel secure when I’m investing. I joined Luno’s Women in Crypto Series and I attended every webinar and learnt a lot. When I saw the recruitment poster on Luno’s Facebook Group, I thought it’s time for me to give back to the community and help others grow in this crypto world. 

How would you define financial literacy?

Financial literacy is the understanding of how money is made, spent, and saved. This allows us to make smarter money choices and be self-sufficient in financial decisions. 

Why should others care about financial literacy?

I believe everyone wants to reach the critical point called ‘Financial Freedom’. To reach this point, individuals need to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills so they can manage their money effectively. 

How did you develop your own financial literacy?

I have a science background and had zero experience in finance or investing. I became aware of the importance of developing my own financial literacy when I got older. I made the first move by reading books. I came across the personal finance book “Rich dad and poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. I would recommend this book to everyone looking to increase their financial literacy. Later, I learnt how to budget, and started tracking my monthly expenses. 

What advice do you have for people at the beginning of their crypto journey?

You should always set aside emergency savings before starting any investment. Invest with a small amount of money and invest only what you can afford to lose. 

Practice ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’ (DCA) by setting aside some funds for investments each month. In any investment, always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing. 

What would you say to somebody on the fence about Bitcoin?

We need to act fast when opportunity strikes. By the time everyone knows about Bitcoin, it is no longer an opportunity, it becomes general knowledge. Grab the opportunity to learn more about Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s history and future will give you the confidence to start your journey. 

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