Luno cuts taker fees for all traders

On 5 October, Luno will reduce taker fees for all our Exchange customers. The highest fees that any customer will pay will be 0.10%, while the lowest will be 0.03%. This is a huge reduction of over 90% – down from a rate of 1% for those in the highest band. We’re also introducing an updated tiering structure for taker fees, which makes it easier for you to get rewarded the more you trade. Makers will continue to pay 0 fees across the board.

This puts Luno’s fees among the lowest in the industry. It’s the result of a thorough review of our exchange and fees that’s been carried out alongside our traders. This has already seen us introduce a number of new features designed to optimise your trading experience, including Stop-Limit Orders, Market Orders, and a sparkling new layout – with more to come.

Following our recent acquisition, we’ll be announcing a lot more exciting changes for our customers across the globe. It’s our mission to make sure that you have easy access to an equitable and highly-liquid crypto marketplace that’s built to drive growth. This is just the beginning.

The new reduced fee tiers

The new reduced fee tiers are based on rolling 30-day trade volume.


When will the reduced fee tiers start?

On 5 October, the new fee tiers will come into effect. You won’t have to do anything – just keep trading.

How will I be assigned to a fee tier?

Fee tiers will be assessed daily based on a 30-day rolling basis. This means that you won’t have to wait for the month to end to jump up a fee tier and take advantage of lower rates if your trading activity has increased.

Where can I see my fee tier?

You’ll be able to view your 30-day volume and fee tier using My Orders or via the API.

What about your other fees?

Our instant buy/sell fees will remain the same at this time, although we are constantly reviewing all of our fees.

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