New exclusive #LunoRewards and exchange fees for Luno Malaysia customers

*Please note this programme is now closed. 

Luno is launching a new rewards program exclusively for our Malaysian customers! #LunoRewards

What is the #LunoRewards program?

At Luno, we value customer loyalty above all else. We work tirelessly to provide you with the best products and services to cater to all your crypto transaction needs.

This is why we’re launching the #LunoRewards program – a special new program designed exclusively to benefit our most loyal customers.

The premise is simple – the more crypto you trade, the bigger rewards you gain!
The #LunoRewards program will reward you based on your combined monthly transaction volume across all crypto pairs (MYR/BTC, MYR/ETH, MYR/LTC and MYR/XRP) through the Luno Exchange or the instant buy/sell option.

You’ll receive this reward in the form of a rebate through a promo code, calculated as a percentage of your investment, which you’ll be able to redeem under the rewards tab in your Luno app. And all you have to do to be eligible is transact a total of RM 1,000,000 (or more) in a month!

The more you trade, the more you win

Your rebate will be calculated based on your monthly transaction volume. This is a tiered system, and you can move between the levels depending on your total transactions in that month.

List of #LunoRewards

1. Monthly bonus up to RM 600

2. Maker Rebate (cashback) for maker trades up to 0.1%

3. Taker/Instant Buy & Sell Rebate (cashback) for instant buy/sell & taker trades up to 0.025%

4. Weekly market analysis report by Arcane Research

5. VIP Support via WhatsApp

6. Trading Signal Bot

Five different levels with min. monthly transaction volume (maker, taker and instant buy/sell combined)

1. Bronze | RM 1,000,000

2. Silver | RM 2,000,000

3. Gold | RM 4,000,000

4. Platinum | RM 8,000,000

5. Diamond | RM 16,000,000

How it works: If you spend a total of RM 200,000 and buy/sell Bitcoin ten times in a month, your transaction volume is accumulated as RM 2,000,000. Thus, you’re eligible for the #LunoRewards Silver level – entitled to 0.05% maker rebate, 0.010% taker/instant buy-sell rebate, and a RM 50 cashback!

Frequently asked questions

When is the promotion period and when will I get my reward?

The program will officially start on 1 August 2020. Any trading volume from the first to the last day of the month will be accumulated. This will determine which level you are on. The reward will be sent to you by the 9th of the following month (e.g. for your trading period from 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021, you’ll receive your reward by the 9th business day in February 2021). Your level will change every month, depending on your monthly transaction volume.

Which transactions are eligible for the monthly volume?

Any Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and/or XRP to RM buy/sell transactions using Instant Buy/Sell, and any trades executed on MYR/BTC, MYR/ETH, MYR/LTC and/or MYR/XRP Exchange.

How will I get to know how much I have traded?

We’ll send your updated trading volume weekly through emails, depending on your #LunoRewards levels.

Check out the Ts&Cs here.


It’s not just our rewards that are getting a makeover – we’re also updating our fee structure!

We’ve introduced a new approach that makes it easier for you to unlock lower fees the more you trade. The new tiering levels have been carefully designed to reward you, our loyal customers, and ensure you get the best deal possible.

Check them out in the chart below and get trading! These fees will apply from 6 August 2020.

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