Bitcoin miners rake in more than $1.5 billion in revenue in March

According to data collected by The Block Research, bitcoin miners have earned more than $1.5 billion in revenue so far in March.

This marks the most revenue earned by the mining sector in any one month. With a few more days still to come in April, the final figure is expected to surpass the current $1.51 billion.

The majority of the funds earned – $1.36 billion – were in the form of per-block subsidies (the 6.25 BTC earned with the creation of each transaction block). Miners earned a total of $148 million in fees, which are paid by transactors to ensure their transactions are more likely to be included in the next block.

March’s all-time high figure exceeds that of February’s wherein miners earned a total of $1.36 billion across the sector. According to these figures, miners have collectively earned more than $1 billion for three months in a row.

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