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Jack Dorsey’s Block to improve Bitcoin mining hardware

What Jack Dorsey’s Block (formally Square) has announced it’s working on new open source systems for Bitcoin mining to solve current problems faced by miners, as outlined by Thomas Templeton, Block’s General Manager for hardware. Why Bitcoin mining hardware is…

· 1 minute read

Twitter is launching a dedicated crypto team

What Twitter sets up crypto team to explore decentralised apps Why This marks the latest push by chief executive Jack Dorsey to embrace digital assets and decentralised apps and the ballooning communities around them. What next Tess Rinearson will lead…

· 1 minute read

Tesla reveal holding profits in Q3 report

Tesla’s latest earnings report has revealed Elon Musk’s clean energy company has profited $1 billion from holding bitcoin. According to a Q1 filing with the SEC, Tesla declared the value of its Bitcoin amounted to $2.48 billion, and its carrying…

· 1 minute read