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All the latest around cryptocurrency security

What is an OTP?

A one-time password (OTP) is a code sent to your email address or mobile phone via text that is only valid for one login or transaction.

1 minute read

What is AML?

Anti-money laundering (AML) practices monitor and report suspicious activities to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

1 minute read

Scams: what to look out for

Luno’s security team is continually identifying methods used by scammers to try to obtain funds fraudulently. We ask you to keep yourself informed of these tactics by referring back to this page regularly for updates. Fake Goods/Services scams Summary: The…

· 2 minute read

Keeping your crypto safe this holiday season

Your security is our top priority – always has been and always will be. While this time of year is intended to be one of peace and reflection for many, it is unfortunately also when scammers are at their most…

· 3 minute read

Multisig security on Luno

Luno uses multisig for both cold storage and hot wallets. One of the biggest advances in Bitcoin security in recent years has been the development of multi-signature (or “multisig”) technology. While Luno has been using a multisig solution for our cold…

· 3 minute read

Google ads phishing scams (and how to avoid them)

What is phishing? Phishing scams are attempts by fraudsters to trick you into entering or sharing personal information, by disguising themselves as trustworthy organisations. Scammers may, for instance, create a fake site that looks like Luno and trick you into…

4 minute read