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Deep dives into the latest updates and thinking around the technology that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work

Why Bitcoin mining hubs have been on the move

From Texas to the wild reaches of Inner Mongolia, there are dozens of territories around the globe where Bitcoin mining is especially prevalent. Yet, there remains little understanding about why these destinations are so popular for miners, and why they’re such important contributors to network resilience. 

· 4 minute read

Where did digital money come from?

When Bitcoin is written and talked about, previous attempts to create digital currencies that made Bitcoin possible are often overlooked. Attempts to create digital currencies had been undertaken numerous times since the late 1980s that pioneered some of the underlying…

1 minute read

Multisig and monosig: a quick rundown

When you send bitcoin, you aren’t really moving it between addresses. The bitcoin is essentially stored in a digital vault where it stays regardless of the owner. When you send bitcoin, what you’re actually doing is changing the locks to fit the recipient(s)’s key rather than your own.

· 2 minute read