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XRP is a digital asset built for global payments. It is best known for its use transferring assets on the Ripple network.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and XRP?

Bitcoin was developed as a digital decentralised currency with the aim of paying for goods and services. XRP, on the other hand, was created for banks and payment networks as a means of payment settlement, a money transfer system, and…

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Where did XRP come from?

Ripple started life in 2004 as RipplePay. The goal of RipplePay was to provide secure and fast financial transactions across the world at lower costs than current payment networks, such as SWIFT. Originally, RipplePay simply enabled individuals to extend credit…

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What is Ripple and XRP?

Ripple is a US based company. The aim of Ripple is to provide a more efficient means to send cross-border payments in the financial industry, particularly in the banking sector. It aims to do this by reducing costs and transaction…

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