Bitcoin’s #LaserRayUntil100K meme

If you’re on Crypto Twitter, no doubt you’ve seen the demonic-looking glowing eyes in a fair few Bitcoin advocates’ profile pictures. From CoinShares’ executive Meltem Demirors, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor and Tesla’s Elon Musk – heck, even US Senator Cynthia Lummis had them!

So what’s the deal?

Head of communications for Coin Center Neeraj Agrawal commented: “It’s meant to convey activation and growing power levels. Think about when a character’s eyes glow in a movie.”

According to Know Your Meme, the glowing eyes superimposition was first widely used in meme form after the video game Mass Effect 2, which came out in 2010. In the game, enemies’ eyes glow yellow when they’re controlled by another entity, so people took to photoshop and captioned their pics with “assuming direct control”.

Crypto podcaster Greg Zaj tweeted #LaserRayUntil100K in reference to the bitcoin price moving all the way up to $100,000. Having enjoyed a 91% increase since the start of the year, we could be seeing six figures in just a few months. Here’s hoping!

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