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Luno Updates

All the latest news and goings on from Luno HQ

It’s time for Africa!

We’re very excited to announce today that we’ve launched our new African regional headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. We’ve been closely monitoring the rest of the African market and believe that the time is now finally right for a dynamic expansion across other African markets.

· 2 minute read

​Why does Luno need to know my identity?

In this post, we want to let you know why we need to know your identity when you open a Luno account. Luno only uses your information to provide you with a safe, regulated service. Verifying your account is quick and simple. You can do it via the Luno app for iOS and Android, or online.

4 minute read

Luno Engineering: MySQL query analysis in Go

Over the past months, the number of transactions and traffic processed by Luno has skyrocketed. Keeping pace with this growth has required the engineering team to scale and optimise the performance of all our systems. In this blog post, we’ll…

· 3 minute read

To the moon! The Luno brand story.

We believe that decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will fundamentally change how the world views and uses money: cheaper, faster and safer transactions; more privacy and financial freedom; a significantly better user experience; and ultimately, more equality by giving everyone in…

· 3 minute read

New look, new products, new faces

Over the next few weeks you will see a lot of exciting changes at BitX. While we believe that the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency is inevitable, we’re highly committed to building products and services that will accelerate this trend. Over…

· 2 minute read