Crypto among most popular search terms in Google’s Year in Search 2021

Laptop with crypto search in front of the wifi symbol


Cryptocurrency was among the most searched topics on the internet in 2021, according to Google’s annual Year in Search report


Crypto has evidently filtered into mainstream conversation, considering that “how to buy Bitcoin” searches outranked “how to buy stocks” in February 

What next 

Six of the 10 top “Where to buy” searches were related to cryptocurrencies, further suggesting an increase in crypto adoption

The story 

The Year in Search for 2021 reveals that people care deeply about their plants, they desperately want a pair of mittens as per Bernie Sanders’ choice of hand warmers at the inauguration of Joe Biden, and they really want to know more about cryptocurrencies. 

In the news category, “Dogecoin was one of the most searched for terms, along with how to pronounce Dogecoin (dohj coin). Queries regarding the price of Ether also featured prominently. 

The report also revealed that Spanish speakers in the US were especially interested in what Bitcon actually is, with “¿Qué es Bitcoin?” topping the list of queries in the “What Is” section. In “Where to buy” search results, six among the top 10 searches were related to cryptocurrencies.

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