Meet Evi, a crypto investor who chooses DYOR over Dior, Satoshis over Shopping

DYOR over Dior, Satoshis over Shopping

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Knowing that pension funds are way more important than trendy fashion items, Evi decided to switch her hobby from online shopping to collecting Satoshis.

Better late than never

Evi’s first introduction to Bitcoin and Luno started in early 2021. Like many other people who get a little worried about money and extra responsibility when entering their 30s, Evi felt like she could have done more for her financial stability.

“I was in my 30s and I didn’t have any savings. I feel like it’s a bit late for someone on my age to start investing, and I don’t want to waste my time anymore”

She began to look for the best investment products that suit her needs and profile. Apparently, the volatility and newness of cryptocurrency caught her attention. The unpredictable changes of price, people’s fears over scams, and public opinion towards crypto, triggered her interest in doing a deeper research on this topic.

“I had zero interest in investing. I had no knowledge of money management, I had no idea about the history of money, and I didn’t know what to do with my income. Then when I got interested in Bitcoin, I started to learn more.”

From Dior to DYOR

Her passion in education makes research and studies came naturally for her. Evi dedicated so many hours learning about crypto, and started to ask around about crypto and Bitcoin. During that time she reconnected with one of her friends, Ersan, who also works at Luno. 

“I asked Ersan so many questions, where should I begin? And all that stuff. I was a bit surprised that Ersan didn’t talk much, but he gave me some videos about crypto. The videos really got me to learn more about crypto. From then on, I have a better understanding of investment, and what I should do with my money.”

Instead of racing towards the crypto hype, she decided to enter the game slowly but sure. After tons of research and binge-watching crypto explanatory videos on Luno and other channels, Evi got a better look on how Bitcoin, altcoin, and other digital assets work. She also understands the risk and character of each crypto that she studied. 

“I’ve recently learned that people call this DYOR. I initially thought it is Christian Dior. Turns out it means ‘do your own research’!”, Evi laughed while reminiscing about that good old time. 

“Now I know why Ersan didn’t talk much. I realized that I need to educate myself first, and not to join because I am forced to do so. For instance, if within the next year the Bitcoin value drops, I might blame Ersan because of this. That’s why I realize we need to start by educating ourselves.”

From online shopping sprees to investing more in Satoshi

Research, curiosity, responsibility, and ability to measure the risks and opportunities, are important for an investor. That’s why Evi never stopped learning, and keeps her mind open about money management. She changed her priority. It’s now all about DYOR before Dior, and investing over shopping.

“After I learned about crypto and Luno, my mindset is no longer about how to buy clothes, but how to keep my DCA going, how to get Bitcoin, and more satoshis. My dream is not to open Shopee every month and shop for the latest trend, but how to buy more Bitcoin.”

With her brand new mindset about money and investment, Evi felt more secure now, financially. Knowing that she doesn’t always have to be dependent on her company for her pension funds.

“I realize that I can make my own retirement fund, not just depend on the retirement fund from our salary. Nothing is safer than preparing the fund by ourselves through the instruments we learn by ourselves so we know for sure that it is good.”

Research is key!

Since crypto education becomes Evi’s number one priority, one of the features that attracted her to use Luno is the Discover. Evi found that the feature is very helpful, especially for beginners. 

“Other exchanges usually contain charts and numbers only, but this one has articles. And this is very good. Not all exchanges provide education. But Luno is very user-friendly, we are not forced to observe charts all the time”

Graphs and numbers are not just two things that investors should be looking at. Evi believes that investors need to stay updated with whatever it is that is going on in the crypto world, to make a wise and careful decision when it comes to investing. It also helps the investors to make sense of the things that happen around crypto, and to not panic when there are changes of price. 

Evi, who loves education and experienced in teaching homeless kids back in her university time, now wearing her teacher’s hat again one more time. Looking at her brother who seems eager to learn about crypto, Evi took a role as his crypto-Yoda with a wisdom to pass on,

“You need to learn first what Bitcoin and blockchain are. Once you grasp the idea, then you would be more careful in choosing the right coins for you,” she said. 

Luno’s limited coins option becomes strength to Evi. This helps investors, especially the beginners one, to focus on fewer choices and won’t be overwhelmed with the amount of options and information that they received. A little too much of some things could be confusing sometimes.

“You know what? I don’t think that it matters so much to have so many coins. It won’t make you look that cool either. Just get the right coin, like Bitcoin, get it in Luno. That’s it…hahaha.”

She closed our talk with her friendly laugh.

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