Ethereum developers leave ETH 2.0 behind in roadmap update


In a recent blog post, the Ethereum Foundation has updated its naming conventions moving from ETH 2.0 to ‘Consensus Layer’,  removing the terms ‘Ethereum 1.0’ and ‘Ethereum 2.0’


The change is designed to avoid any future confusion over terminology and any scammers looking to exploit misunderstandings

What next

Potential dates for the scheduled merge of the consensus layer are still unknown

The Story

In a blog post on its official website, the Ethereum Foundation announced its decision to update the name of the upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain from ETH 2.0 to the Consensus Layer. 

The post goes on to explain the reasons behind the decision, citing avoiding potential future misunderstandings between the old terms and the final product and any scammers looking to capitalise on the confusion.

Following the announcement, the Ethereum base layer or ETH1 will now be called the execution layer while ETH 2.0 will be referred to as the consensus layer. Both of these layers combined will make up the Ethereum blockchain post-upgrade.

To read more about the consensus layer and all things Ethereum, visit our learning resource here.

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