Google bets on blockchain and crypto


Google Cloud is headhunting the best in blockchain as it explores opportunities in blockchain-based services  


The tech behemoth aims to capitalise on the decentralisation of finance brought about by blockchain technology 

What next 

The new Google “Digital Assets” team will support customers in building, transacting, deploying new products and storing value, through blockchain-based platforms

The story 

The internet was an unruly place before Google made it more hospitable to everyday browsers. In its latest expansion into blockchain, the tech giant aims to do the same for companies wanting to explore opportunities in blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

“Blockchains and digital assets are changing the way the world stores and moves its information —as well as value,” VP of Financial Services at Google Cloud, Yolande Piazza says in a blog post. “As an infrastructure provider, Google Cloud views the evolution of blockchain technology and decentralised networks today as analogous to the rise of open source and the internet 10-15 years ago.”

Piazza sees Google Cloud serving as the “connective tissue”’ between traditional enterprise and blockchain technologies in future. 

Big tech’s pouncing on blockchain, and therein centralising control of the industry, has been met with opposition from blockchain diehards, arguing that it goes against the fundamental idea of a decentralised system. 

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