How Luno’s transparent and long-term approach serves our customers

The cryptocurrency industry is still young, and there is a great deal of excitement surrounding the space and the latest developments. In such an environment, things move very fast and it’s understandable that people can get caught up in the hype. If cryptocurrency is to continue growing to a global use case, then companies operating in the space must take a responsible and transparent approach, and we would like to re-emphasise our absolute commitment to building a sustainable business that always puts customer safety first. 


Luno releases a proof-of-reserves report every quarter, so you can be sure that your cryptocurrency is safely stored in your name on a 1:1 basis and available to you as and when you choose. This is carried out by Mazars, an independent international audit, tax and advisory firm. 

Vetting of coins

We conduct a thorough and rigorous process when adding assets for our customers to invest in or trade, based on stringent technical and legal criteria. This process is not intended as an endorsement of a particular asset, or its potential as an investment. You should always do your own research and exercise good judgement before investing.

Regulation serves all of us

Luno has always put regulation first in its approach to crypto. We continue to focus heavily on being the most licensed crypto platforms globally, because we believe that is the best way to keep our customers safe.

Looking ahead 

To responsibly grow the industry, we must continue working within the framework of the existing financial system, including the laws and regulations that govern the space. 

If cryptocurrency is to continue growing to a global use case, it calls for us to work together with regulators to do our bit to legitimise the industry, help it reach its potential, and do what we can to protect our customers. Luno’s mission is to put the power of crypto in people’s hands. We will continue doing this in the most responsible way possible.

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