Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey launch Bitcoin Academy focused on financial education


Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z have launched a Bitcoin Academy at a housing complex in the US aimed at providing free financial education to its residents


The academy will run courses designed to provide financial freedom through education, with a focus on Bitcoin as a tool to achieve it

What next

The in-person and online classes will begin in late June through to September, with participants provided with smartphones, MiFi devices and a one-year data plan

The story

Block CEO Jack Dorsey and rapper Jay-Z have joined forces to launch a Bitcoin Academy at a housing complex in Brooklyn, US.

The academy aims to provide financial education to empower the community with a focus on Bitcoin and the technology behind it and will feature free in-person and online classes for its residents.

The classes will be led by Lamar Wilson, who runs the content site Black Bitcoin Billionaire, and Najah J. Roberts, the founder and CEO of Crypto Blockchain Plug.

The programme will run twice per week from late June through to September and will also provide its students with smartphones, MiFi devices and a one-year data plan.

This is not the duo’s first foray into education programmes, having also invested in blockchain start-ups like Alchemy, which launched an endowment in 2021 to fund Bitcoin development in Africa and India.

To learn more about why Bitcoin can be used as a tool for financial freedom, visit our learning resource here.

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