Luno’s vision for a better financial future for everyone

It’s time to upgrade the world to a better financial system

Over 150 Lunauts and growing fast…

Luno was founded in 2013, and since our earliest days of building crypto systems for large financial institutions and later launching a range of consumer crypto products across over 40 countries, we’ve always been focused on achieving a very important long-term goal: to upgrade the world to a better financial system.

It is this long-term vision that really energises the Luno team and an important reason why so many smart, ambitious and talented people are joining Luno across all of our offices in Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.

We thought it useful to share this vision with the rest of the world, but more importantly, why we are doing it.

The dawn of a new age

The way people use and think about money is constantly evolving.

The existing financial system was built for a non-digital age, ignoring the needs of the modern individual and with many unnecessary inefficiencies and gatekeepers. The world now has access to new technologies like decentralised cryptocurrencies that are quickly making these old systems and ways of thinking redundant. Like communication evolving from landlines to mobile phones, or post to email, money is now finally catching up with other information revolutions.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies are enabling us to reimagine the financial system to upgrade the world to something better: Money that can be moved around cheaper, faster and safer, cutting out unnecessary intermediaries and accruing all this value to consumers. Products and services that are completely interoperable with a good balance between transparency and privacy, with a much better user experience. More effective and less restrictive and costly regulation. Money that becomes intelligent and programmable. And most importantly, a fair financial system with open and equal access for everyone.

Why is this important?

We believe in leveraging technology to make a meaningful and long-term positive impact on all members of society, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Upgrading to this new, better financial system will empower billions of people by ultimately lowering their cost of living, providing them with more and better economic opportunities, giving them easier access to the existing global online economy as well as new decentralised products and services, increase the value retention of their wealth, and overall providing more financial freedom.

When we consider the history of money and financial systems, it’s clear that transitioning to this new, better financial system is a change that is inevitable, and people need products and services that can transition them to this new world safely.

Ultimately, upgrading people’s financial system means upgrading their lives

How will we get there? And what will it take?

We’ve written extensively on how we see this financial system evolve and why it might be happening faster than what most people think. What it will certainly require is a lot of focus and effort by smart, ambitious and responsible people — something we refer to at Luno as our Moontality!

We’re very excited to share this vision with the world and we hope you will all join us in driving this (inevitable) positive change, whether as individuals, businesses, other crypto companies, financial institutions or regulators.

Let’s not forget that in the end, this is all about positively impacting humanity and that we’re all very privileged to be stewards of this unprecedented and exciting evolution.

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