Luno’s decade in crypto: A story of staying the course

We’re celebrating a decade in the crypto industry, a huge milestone for any company but even more so for one in crypto where things happen a little faster. Luno’s been the sensible voice in crypto for more than 10 years as we continue with our mission to put the power of crypto in everyone’s hands, and doing this safely and responsibly.  

A decade in crypto

Ten years ago there was no Ethereum, no publicly-listed crypto companies, and definitely no ape NFTs. Crypto Twitter was silently humming with outliers musing about the future of crypto but it wasn’t close to the hive it is today. It was a time before Elon Musk tweets, a time when Michael Saylor was still bearish on Bitcoin. Can you imagine? 

In 2013, it was hard to believe that a cryptocurrency would one day be accepted as legitimate payment by a handful of governments around the world, but here we are. Crypto has come a long way. And so have we. 

A brief history  of Luno

Luno wasn’t always Luno. We started as BitX in July 2013 when one of our South African founders, Timothy Stranex, realised the need for an exchange in South Africa where investors could safely buy and sell bitcoin. 

In 2014, still BitX, we presented the first fully bank-integrated Bitcoin product in the world at the FinovateEurope conference. One year later, the BitX Smart Wallet was released, at the time considered one of the most innovative bitcoin apps in the world.

In 2017, the Luno brand was born when we changed our name. Two years later, Luno launched in Europe for the first time, winning the ‘fastest growing tech company in UK’ in TNW’s Tech 5 competition. 

Since then, we’ve launched in Malaysia and many other countries around the world. In April 2022, we hit another milestone with 10 million customers investing with Luno. Like we said, things move fast in crypto. 

The next 10

The last decade saw Luno grow into a company with a global presence, putting the power of crypto in the hands of millions of customers around the world. Our longevity and resilience is testament to people’s desire for safe access to crypto and a responsible approach. 

Luno celebrates a decade of supporting people across the world with their crypto, launching a raft of new products to help people take advantage of the growing opportunities. What will the next ten years look like? It’s hard to say for sure, but we can’t wait to find out.

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