Luno’s Moontality

At Luno we’re extremely proud of the culture and values we have built over the past seven years and continue to live today. To us, our culture and values describe how we Lunauts do things at Luno and how we ensure our success, collectively referred to internally as ‘Moontality’.

Our Moontality not only reflects how we operate on a day-to-day basis, but also who we aspire to be as we scale our company to positively impact lives across the world. An important tenet of the way we do things has always been to not just blindly accept things for what they are, even if it’s our own Moontality! Therefore every 18–24 months, with the team usually at least doubling over that period, we hold a mirror up to ourselves and ask difficult questions like “is this really still who we say we are?”, “do we actually live up to these values, even when we are having to make the tough decisions?”, “are there things that we embody that are not being captured in these values, both good and bad?” and so on.

Over the past few months we’ve gone through another one of these exercises and as a global team of over 300 Lunauts, redefined what Moontality means to us, setting a strong foundation for our next phase of growth.

Our evolved Moontality can be summarised as follows:

  • One mission, one team
  • Get it done, right
  • Customer first
  • Obsessed with the best

Over the years we’ve also found it very important to clearly articulate the ‘long-form’ versions of our values to ensure everyone at Luno is aligned. Values can often be misinterpreted or weaponised, and from experience we know it’s important not just to say what values mean, but also what they don’t mean.

One mission, one team.

Upgrading the world to a better financial system is a mission of epic proportions, and requires a special breed of people with an unusual ability to coordinate and support each other. With the scale, complexity, and importance of what we’re doing, our ability to succeed is directly linked to how well we can work together as a team.

This is what one mission, one team means to us:

We’re passionate: We are all incredibly excited and privileged to bring this new technology to the world. It’s a mission unlike any other and will impact the world for generations to come.

We win together: This mission is bigger than all of us, and the only way to achieve it is to work as a team and enable those around us to succeed. We deeply trust one another, communicate clearly, and encourage growth by being open to challenge and feedback.

We’re ambitious, yet humble: We know that we’re all really good at some things and less so in others, and we are aware that every person in our team plays an integral and important part in the success of our mission. No ego, no politics, no drama.

Get it done, right.

We are at the forefront of shifting the entire world onto a new financial system, which means we are tasked with an enormous amount of responsibility towards our customers, our team, and many other stakeholders including regulators, governments, banks and broader society.

To us, get it done, right means:

We always deliver: We always take ownership for what we do: If we say we’ll do it, we do it. If we can’t, we make sure we understand why and find another way. We use our grit and determination to make sure things happen. We hold ourselves and one another accountable, and where we stumble, we share and learn from our mistakes to make sure we all get it right the next time.

We move fast: We have a sense of urgency in what we do because time is of the essence on this mission — we get things done! We also know how to balance this bias for action with the appropriate level of quality.

We do what is right: We are building a highly complex business working with people’s money, and by extension their future, so we place a huge priority on being principled and ensuring we do things right, always with the long term view in mind. This is part of our DNA.

Customer first.

We exist because of our customers, whether they are individuals or businesses, and we ensure they are at the forefront of the way we think about, build and scale our company. We are all on this exciting mission together, and to us, customer first reflects that:

We’re empathetic: This means taking the time to really understand our customers’ needs and points of view. It might not always be the obvious answer.

We build genuine trust: Actions speak louder than words, and we are always acutely aware of how what we do or say impacts our customers.

We’ll always be listening: This means building a business that doesn’t just occasionally listen to customers, but does so as a matter of habit, ingraining it into everything we do.

Obsessed with the best.

We know that the best teams and companies don’t do some things well — they do everything well. And it all starts with us. For us, obsessed with the best means:

We want to be the best version of ourselves: We have a growth mindset, we’re always curious to learn more about ourselves and others, are open to feedback, and lead by example. We aim to be the best version of ourselves and help those around us achieve the same.

We have a continuous improvement mindset: We’re obsessed with finding the best way to do things, whether it’s a new process, a more efficient way to do something for our customers or the business overall. There is no ‘Luno way’, only the best way.

We take pride in what we do: We all have a high attention to detail and we ensure we deliver to a very high standard. We do this across everything from product to processes to communications with one another.

At Luno our vision is to upgrade the world to a better financial system, and the way we’re doing that over the next few years is by building the world’s trusted gateway to the crypto economy. How we will succeed is simple: by focusing on our Moontality.

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