Meet Joe Joe, the finance student building his future on crypto

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Having experienced financial hurdles first-hand, Joe Joe knows the best way to clear them is by protecting his wealth for the long-term. 

Growing up, Joe Joe never thought beyond what he was going to spend his pocket money on. That was until his family fell on hard times and he needed to rely on himself to fund his education. Since then, he’s found a new perspective on money and learned the importance of financial wellness. Now, as a finance student, Joe Joe is using crypto to protect and grow his wealth. 

Joe Joe’s journey into crypto

“Although crypto comes with its own complexities, I found it to be more accessible [than the stock market], especially with an app like Luno.” says Joe Joe. “After that, I started to really focus on managing my finances — I noticed how everything relates back to money and that I needed to take it seriously.”

Joe Joe first heard about Bitcoin a few years ago when it started making headlines, but it wasn’t until a family friend suggested he make an investment that he actually considered it at all. Curious, Joe Joe did his own research to see if crypto was a good fit and if it could give him the control over his finances he was looking for. Then he found Luno.

“I felt the traditional stock market was very complicated and I didn’t understand it well enough. Although crypto comes with its own complexities, I found it to be more accessible, especially with an app like Luno that makes it simpler and easier.”

Staying up to speed

To build confidence, Joe Joe started off with a small, experimental investment of MYR 15 that allowed him to explore market movements as well as the decision making behind a good investment. 

“Sometimes the news talks about volatility and scams, so I was very sceptical at first. Putting in such a small amount of money helped me see how it all worked.”

Joe Joe

Despite Joe Joe’s background in traditional finance, he says the key to maintaining his crypto confidence has been sourcing good information from trustworthy sources:  

“When you invest in the crypto market, you’ll definitely read more news – I like to use Coindesk to keep up with the headlines and market movements. After I found Luno, I learned a lot more in terms of both knowledge and practical know-how.

“I can see how market movements are influenced by what is going on in the world – everything is so related, it’s happening, it’s ongoing, and now I know why.”

A personalised investment strategy

Through Joe Joe’s journey into crypto, he’s learned what type of investment strategy best suits him. While he says that dollar cost averaging—the practice of making regular, timed investments regardless of price—is both attractive and mitigates risk, he prefers to buy the dip.  

“I take the opportunity to buy low and sell high – I actually don’t put in on a monthly basis,” says Joe Joe. “To do this, I like to look at different charts that can be found in the Exchange view.” 

But it’s more than just knowing when to make an investment. For Joe Joe, he wants the simplest, most efficient investment experience possible with a human touch. 

“Luno is definitely the easiest entry for investment, especially for young people because both the website and app explain crypto basics in a clear and straightforward way.”

“The community group is great for receiving information directly from Luno. If you have a problem, you can share it there. Then, the Luno team will respond quickly. Being responsive is very important to me because I think it builds trust.”

With this trust, Joe Joe has been able to make crypto investments with clarity and peace of mind, and his calm and measured approach means he can enjoy the freedom of timing the market on his own terms.

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