NEW LOOK: Luno designs updated to welcome everyone, everywhere

Luno illustration of gateway to new and better financial world

Starting Monday 17 January, we’ll be using new designs across our platforms, so we wanted to share a bit about what you can expect.

Please note: In order to see your new look Luno app, you will need to first update the app to the latest version. This update is being rolled out over the course of the week beginning Monday 17 January and may not be available to some customers until Monday 24 January.

There are no changes to how you use Luno

First off, absolutely nothing is changing for your cryptocurrency investments at Luno – your cryptocurrency will remain safely stored in your wallets and you can continue to use Luno just as before. 

A new brand symbol, and a promise

The Luno logo has not changed but we will have a new brand symbol – previously a single white ring, it is now several rings stacking up to represent our promise to keep building the best crypto-finance tools to help you grow your money. You will see this new brand symbol:

  • In the app tile on your device home screen, after your next software update
  • And in all our social media avatars, starting on Monday

A more familiar, everyday feel

As the excitement around crypto keeps growing, we’d like it to be very clear that Luno is a simple investment platform for everyone. That’s why you’ll no longer see the space theme in our illustrations that feel closer to everyday life. You’ll also notice some new, brighter colours, but nothing else will change in the app, which you can continue to use just as before.

Easier ways to learn
It’s very important for us to provide you with the information you need to make confident investment decisions. That’s why updating our brand also meant introducing the Discover section of our website, where you can find all our simple, useful, bite-sized content, now in an improved and easy-to-navigate experience.

A manifesto – for everyone, everywhere

Luno’s mission is the same as ever – to upgrade the world to a better financial system by making crypto accessible to everyone, everywhere. We hope that our new design will help inspire the world to join in. We’ve also published our Brand Manifesto because now, more than ever, we are proud and excited to be the trusted guide that the world needs to make sure the opportunities of crypto are accessible to all.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

Team Luno

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