NFT marketplaces experience skyrocketing web traffic in Q1

While the crypto space is growing rapidly, 2021 has inarguably been the year of NFTs. And the mania surrounding them shows no signs of letting up. The biggest NFT marketplaces saw web traffic increase by ~430% last month as demand for crypto collectibles continues to increase.

NFT marketplaces allow you to auction NFTs to anyone around the world willing to pay in crypto. Payments go directly from the buyer to the artist, with the marketplace typically taking a cut. NFTs can also be resold on these marketplaces and we’re starting to see serious growth in secondary marketplaces.

Nifty Gateway, the largest NFT marketplaces in terms of sales volume, saw a 290% increase in web traffic last month. It now has around 4.2 million monthly users, with a monthly sales volume hitting $140 million.

Other marketplaces have experienced similar traction – Rarible grew by 305%, OpenSea by 360%, Makersplace by 263% and SuperRare by 158%.

High-profile sales from the likes of Beeple, Deadmau5, M.I.A. and even John Cleese, are now releasing NFTs. Would you buy one? Let us know on Twitter.

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