SA mobile network operator MTN dials into the Metaverse


South African mobile network operator MTN has bought 144 plots of land in the Africarare Ubuntuland metaverse for an undisclosed amount 


The company explained that the move forms part of its “Ambition 2025” strategy aimed at “leveraging trends that amplify digital experiences and engagement 

What next

MTN aims to roll out a number of gaming and music experiences in the metaverse 

The story 

MTN has laid claim to 12 square metres of land in Africarare’s metaverse, making it one of the first South African companies to do so. 

Bernice Samuels, MTN group executive for marketing, explained that it’s part of the company’s long-term strategy in engaging with clients in new ways. “We remain alive to the exciting opportunities the metaverse presents for us and our customers,” she said. 

In the Ubuntuland metaverse, land is divided into tokenised plots that can be purchased or rented. Landowners can develop experiences on these plots, including art exhibitions, games and other social experiences. 

This is exactly what our Ambition 2025 strategy is premised on — leveraging trends that amplify consumers’ digital experiences and engagement,” Samuels said.  

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