Sony announces metaverse push as part of its entertainment strategy


Japanese electronics company Sony has announced its interest in metaverse experiences as part of the company’s entertainment strategy


This push comes as a result of its interest in including more metaverse-inspired experiences to attract customers

What next

Announced at an annual strategy meeting, Sony intends to use its PlayStation brands to help secure a place among the leaders in the metaverse industry

The story

During an annual strategy meeting, Sony announced it will take steps to include metaverse-inspired experiences as part of its entertainment strategy.

In a statement regarding the strategy, the company explained it “intends to leverage the unique strengths provided by its diverse businesses and expertise in game technology […] creating new entertainment experiences in the area of the metaverse.”

Sony’s prior investments in other companies include Epic Games, the makers of popular online franchise Fortnite, and Bungie, creators of the Destiny series, and are part of this new focus.

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