Spark joy with crypto


Like the rest of the Netflix-watching world, we tore ourselves away from our tenth re-watch of Friends, and discovered the charm, infectious happiness, and organisational wisdom of Marie Kondo in her series: Tidying up with Marie Kondo.


And because of our slight (breathe, eat, sleep, repeat…) obsession with cryptocurrency, we decided to use some of these tips and tricks to help spark joy in the lives of crypto-users, such as yourselves.

Our biggest joys

If you’ve diversified your investments, and have now dipped your hands into one too many altcoins during the crypto-rush, it might be the best time to re-evaluate. Ask yourself, does your entire portfolio still spark joy for you?

Your heart may have skipped a beat for it once, but it may no longer excite you like it used to. And that’s perfectly okay. Just like there’s no use holding onto that crinkly old jacket that will definitely never be in fashion again; the same goes for your investments.

So what can you do? Perhaps consolidation is key?

For us, Bitcoin and Ethereum are our biggest joys. Currently, they’re the only cryptocurrencies we offer on our platform. And we always get asked why.

We’ve re-evaluated, and they fit neatly into all of our (very organised, thanks Marie!) boxes.

Remember to ask yourself:

  • Does it solve a clear and unique use case?
  • Does a working solution already exist?
  • Does it have a large community of fans for this solution?
  • Is it decentralised?
  • Does the team have the right experience?

Darkest before dawn

As Obi-Wan Kondobi says: The process can make things seem messier before you see an improvement. And learning about new, disruptive technology like blockchain is no different.

It’s always at the top of our minds, but it’s not likely that someone could predict the (correct) price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. While sometimes it may seem like Bitcoin is on the low-and-low, don’t worry. We’re of the opinion that cryptocurrency is going to aid the world in upgrading to a better financial system, and Twitter personalities joining the conversation in the crypto-sphere agree.

Organisation is key to your key(s)

When you read our Help Centre articles, blogs on crypto-security, and ask us to explain further, we get excited. And we mean over-the-moon-freaking-out excited. But, like, in a zen Marie Kondo way…

When you’re aware of the risks and you know what could happen if you don’t take the recommended steps to secure your Luno Wallet, it lets us know we’re doing our job correctly!

A good memory, a secure password storage system (such as LastPass), and an understanding of the necessary security steps spark joy in our hearts. Your organisation, and the proactive nature of your chosen crypto company is the difference between a neat portfolio, and the clutter of a spam folder full of phishy junk mail.

“Ching! Ching!” for altcoins?

Every item in your possession should bring you joy, and joy equals the same feeling you get when you hold a puppy. We looked up the studies and the science checks out: puppies definitely give people joy.

Now imagine you have a crypto-puppy that gives you that same joy, and you’re dealing with the flood of altcoins currently on the market. Do your due diligence. Get your hands dirty, put your detective hat on. If, after researching the new ICO, STO, or altcoin and its creators, you don’t have that ‘Ching Ching’ feeling anymore – say (no) thank you, and move on.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t think you’re going to declutter your entire home in one day – it’s not possible. Similarly, you need to clear the clutter of ICO creators telling the world their token is going to be worth millions in one to two years, ask yourself: “Does this sound realistic?”

With that being said, we’re always looking for new ways to spark joy in your hearts. If there is a cryptocurrency you think should be added, a blog topic you want to be researched and written, or a concept you want explained – don’t be shy to get in touch with us on Twitter.

We’re always up for a good reshuffle of thoughts, ideas, and that ‘Ching Ching’ feeling.

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