The most bizarre uses of crypto so far

The world of crypto seems to have triggered the evolution of the Weird Gene in humanity. But this isn’t new to us. We know that when we have a new technology, we find ways to make it weird (we’ll give you a minute to clear your browser history). From funky purchases to interesting uses of blockchain, we’ve seen it all. From wigs and public transport to turkey tracking (it’s a thing), you can do a lot with cryptocurrency. As more people buy and use cryptocurrencies, the more real-life weirdness we see. And it’s delightful.


While the very first Bitcoin purchase was a pizza slice (possibly the world’s most expensive one), the uses for crypto have become widespread. You can now buy a whole slew of things with cryptocurrencies, and not just in one place.

Web weirdness

The rampantly googled “What stores accept crypto?” will show you major online stores like, and many a Shopify store. There you can get yourself anything from a Doge sweater to Ethereum socks.

Beloved Shirts:

But we’re more interested in the bizarre uses so let’s take a walk into the twilight zone where you can buy a 30-day supply of emergency food rations. You know, the usual. Just in case you’ve always wanted a “compact pail filled with nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners”.

This is particularly good for families living on Bitcoin. That’s right, there are whole family units living the Bitcoin ideal travelling the world and getting everything they need with crypto.

Collectable weirdness

One of our top weird purchases using cryptocurrencies has got to be Mammoth tusks. Granted, these are probably not from an actual woolly prehistoric giant (we hope), but they can be yours for the low, low price of BTC 256. However, if you’d prefer to buy a non-extinct species you can get yourself a live goat in the south of Spain with your crypto. That might require space you don’t currently have though, but don’t worry there are digital alternatives!

You can get yourself one of the highly sought after CryptoKitties. The ideal feline pet for those with allergies (or tiny apartments with mean landlords), some of these go for over USD 100K. If cats aren’t your thing and you identify as more of a dog person, worry not. The weird world of crypto has also brought us Tron Dogs.

Luno CryptoKitties

Beanie Baby weirdness

These virtual pets are poised to become this generation’s Beanie Babies. Maybe in the near future, we’ll see smart contracts executing divorce splits of CryptoKitties and Tron Dogs. It won’t render nearly as amazing an image as these two peak 90’s Beanie Baby owners but the virtual pets do seem to be heading in that direction.


Turkey weirdness

The wonders of blockchain technology help us build a faster, more inclusive and accessible world. At the same time, there are also plans to use blockchains to track your Thanksgiving turkey, chronicling the life of your bird from farm to table!

Billionaire weirdness

When you’ve got Bitcoin to burn, it can get truly strange. Your purchases can include a crypto crib and you can kit it out with some incredible art, all bought on the blockchain. If art is your thing you can also invest in a piece of a classic. Artists like Lincoln Townley have sold artworks for cryptocurrency, and one company actually offered stake options for a masterpiece by Andy Warhol at USD 5.6 million for the pop art piece.

If that’s not exclusive enough for you, you can go ahead and get an island. That’s right, you can buy a private island with cryptocurrency. There are no speed limits when you own the land mass either so you can unleash your Lambo as much as you want.

If you’re not Lambo-ing or buying up private islands quite yet (we know this crypto winter has been tough on purchasing power) you can actually get an affordable car with Bitcoin. Like a reliable Subaru Impreza for BTC 2.33783 (around USD 34,500), purchased in Virginia, USA.

Future weirdness

For the billionaires though, not even the sky is the limit. You can get a ticket to space with Virgin Galactic, and perhaps Elon Musk will start offering Martian condominium spec sales in crypto, too. Who knows. What we do know is that the world of crypto if getting weirder by the day (or maybe, humans are just getting weirder) and we can expect it to continue. Especially, when there are already plans for how to remotely manage a swarm of robots with Blockchain. Whether those will be super powerful machines, internet connected toasters, or mechanical pets – only time will tell.

What bizarre buys are you into?

So now you don’t have to wonder “Where can I use cryptocurrency?”. When it comes to “who accepts Bitcoin” we’re more and more spoiled for choice, with tons of bizarre uses to inspire us.

Whether you’re keen to find fun ways to spend some satoshis or your time has come to Lambo you can do it all (almost) with Bitcoin! Let us know what your favourite bizarre buy is on Twitter.

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