US execs are preparing for crypto adoption, says Deloitte survey


A report by consulting firm Deloitte, titled “Merchants Getting Ready for Crypto”, showed that two-thirds of merchants surveyed in the US said their clients “have significant interest” in using digital currencies for payments 


Deloitte puts this down to a “radical shift” in the last 10 years, with once-wary clients and retailers becoming increasingly optimistic about cryptocurrencies 

What next 

The digital currency environment is maturing and is further fueled by improvements in use cases and accessibility, according to the report 

The story 

Of the retailers that have already incorporated crypto payments into their business, 93% said they have seen a positive impact in areas such as customer base growth and brand perception. 

Source: Deloitte

The survey focussed on US consumer businesses large and small, asking about their views on crypto payments, their investments into payment infrastructure, and their plans for the future. The survey sample consisted of 2,000 senior executives at retail organisations across the United States.

Source: Deloitte

“Around two-thirds (64%) of our surveyed merchants indicated that their customers have significant interest in using digital currencies for payments.” Another 83% expect consumer interest in digital currencies for payments to increase or significantly increase over the next 12 months, the survey noted. 

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