What to do if you’re a victim of a Bitcoin scam

If you suspect you’re a victim of scam activity be sure to review your recent transactions and follow these steps. Luno does not recommend sending Bitcoin to non-Luno affiliated wallets, such as third-party apps, however, you can take steps to secure your account against further suspicious activity.

When sending us a suspicious activity report, please send details of all relevant transactions with as much information as possible describing what happened — including the Transaction ID (TxID) for the specific transaction you’re enquiring about, which you should be able to find on Blockchain Explorer with your wallet address.

Our team can then investigate this and see if the receiving address is associated with a Luno account; in which case we may be able to help recover your funds and take action against the suspicious account. Unfortunately, the way blockchain is designed means that transactions are irreversible so if the receiving wallet is not associated with Luno we cannot reverse the transaction or restore your funds.

If you suspect you’re a victim of a phishing attack you can secure your account here and update your password to ensure only you have access to your account. It is advisable to also update the password for your email address and any other important accounts. 

If you get a suspicious message, email or call claiming to be Luno, report it to us immediately. Please include as much information as possible, including the mobile number or email address that contacted you. Our Phishing Team will ensure that the matter is investigated fully.

For more information on how to avoid scams please visit:

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