Why you should always check the email address twice

This week, we’re switching the ‘from’ email addresses we use to send secure Luno customer emails from @mailer.luno.com to @engage.luno.com and @announcement.luno.com. You should have received a message from us in the Luno app and been told about it in our weekly newsletter. 

But why is it important to check which email address your emails are sent from?

Cybercriminals regularly impersonate banks and financial institutions to get you to give up personal information that can be used to scam you out of your money, investments and especially your crypto. For more details about scams to look out for, visit our learning page How do I protect myself against phishing?

Here are some tips to help you spot email scams:

  1. The ‘from’ email address should match what’s published on a company’s website, check for any random characters or numeric additions that look out of place.
  1. At Luno, our customer service team will never approach you by email to ask for personal details – if you do receive an email like this, please report it to us by forwarding it to [email protected].
  1. Look out for spelling and punctuation errors in the email itself – these are usually a telltale sign that it has been written by a scammer.
  1. Be wary of any clickable links that ask you to fill out information online.
  1. Never open any attachments to an email unless you recognise who it comes from.

To stay in-the-know with all the latest security updates and information, check out our dedicated Help Centre page.

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