World Blockchain Festival 2022 to be hosted by El Salvador


The World Blockchain Festival is a three-day event held on 21-23 April 2022, hosting Blockchain industry developers, entrepreneurs, investors and world-class speakers.


The event is being hosted in the capital of El Salvador, and aims to bring awareness to decentralised economic systems and how they can be utilised in Central America, and globally

What next 

The festival will host influential cryptocurrency players and is an opportunity for them to share their vision and collaborate on new ideas. The interactive event allows participants to experience the world of cryptocurrency and helps them understand the potential that the Blockchain industry holds. 

The story 

The World Blockchain Festival will be hosted in the capital of El Salvador, a country that is pioneering the adoption of cryptocurrency. This three-day event held during 21-23 April 2022, is organised by Spartan hill, a software development company.

The festival will host many influential speakers involved in the cryptocurrency space such as Indira Kempis, senator of Neuvo Leon, Mexico; Philip Ong, founder of the OGGO system; Mónica Taher, the Director of International Technological and Economic Affairs of El Salvador; Juan Diego Gómez, writer and CEO of Invertir Mejor; and El Salvador congressmen, William Soriano. 

GlobeNewswire explains that this will be a “100% immersive experience” for participants, and the festival aims to introduce crypto-enthusiasts and newcomers to the Blockchain industry in a fun way. Participants with full access will also have the opportunity to network with the speakers, access the metaverse room, and participate in the NFT auction, Pitch Day, and Hackathon. 

This is the Festival’s first edition and aims to showcase the blockchain ecosystem’s myriad of applications and educate the public and enable them to make use of this new economic model in the future.

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