Bitcoin as the internet

The internet is one of the biggest advancements in human history. It changes the way we live and do business.

What you might not know, is that our current internet wasn’t the only option. At the same time, rival companies were building their own versions of the same concept. All wanted to connect computers around the world so people could share information.

The internet we use was different because it is an open system. Anyone can use it as they please. It isn’t owned by anyone, meaning no gatekeepers. People can experiment and test new ideas without permission. We call this ‘permissionless innovation.’ It allowed an explosion of innovation and adoption. Most parts of the internet are also interoperable. For example, you can send an email from Gmail to someone with a Yahoo account and it works fine. The internet is like a global language everyone can use to communicate.

In this sense, Bitcoin is like the internet. For one, it’s not owned by anyone, so anyone can use it as they please – no gatekeepers. It allows for permissionless innovation. So many people are building companies and applications on top of it. Bitcoin is also interoperable. It is the first global currency.

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