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Bitcoin for Pros

You know the basics, now become an expert

  • What is a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP)?

    A BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) is the document standard used for proposing changes to Bitcoin.  Proposals are usually first roughly outlined using a mailing list of developers, where feedback and their feasibility are assessed before a decision is made to…

    1 minute read
  • What happens to lost Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin that is “lost” refers to wallet owners that have lost access to their private keys. Critics argue that this is a vulnerability of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. If users lose access to their wallets, there is no way to recover…

    1 minute read
  • What will happen once all Bitcoin are mined?

    Bitcoin is created through a process called mining. Using supercomputers, these miners confirm transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain and are rewarded for their efforts in the form of newly-created Bitcoin. These payments are called block rewards.  Through a process called…

    1 minute read
  • What is a validator?

    A term similar to Bitcoin miners, a blockchain validator is someone who is responsible for verifying transactions on a blockchain. Once these transactions have been verified or ‘validated’, they are then added along with the new block to the chain. 

    1 minute read
  • What is Bitcoin XT?

    Bitcoin XT was a fork from Bitcoin Core. Proposed in BIP 101 and launched in August 2015, the split from the Bitcoin community was due to disagreements on rule changes with some of Bitcoin Core’s senior developers.

    1 minute read
  • What are Bitcoin futures?

    A BTC futures contract is an agreement between a buyer and seller to buy and sell BTC at an agreed price at a future date. The agreement (contract) is the traded commodity, not the actual underlying asset (Bitcoin). It gives investors exposure to BTC without having to hold actual cryptocurrency.

    1 minute read
  • What is a Bitcoin flash crash?

    A Bitcoin flash crash is when the price of Bitcoin drops dramatically and then returns to its previous levels very quickly. Flash crashes are not unique to Bitcoin and can happen for other cryptocurrencies, as well as stocks.

    1 minute read
  • What is Bitcoin Core?

    The Bitcoin community consists of members that support the Bitcoin network by hosting a version of the blockchain and its entire history of transactions on their computers, which are called nodes.

    1 minute read