Crypto events to watch out for in March

Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast, a fintech entrepreneur, or looking to get your crypto-related startup idea off the ground–it’s essential to get information from trusted sources, and to network with the right people. Add these crypto and blockchain-related events to your march calendar.

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the conference exchanges

Where: De Bazel, Amsterdam

When: 5 March

Why you should attend: A business networking event with leading crypto exchanges, traders, liquidity providers and regulators. Topics to be covered include customer support challenges, scalability limitations, regulation and legal issues, OTC trading, and more.

Who it’s for: Industry professionals, regulators and crypto enthusiasts

Cost: Last call tickets – €300

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Crypto Assets Conference

Where: Frankfurt, Germany

When: 9 – 10 March

Why you should attend: Since the first CAC nearly 2 years ago, crypto assets have evolved dramatically. Together, executives, founders, investors and political representatives, will discuss how it’s changed, and new areas of interest. Over 1.5 days, visitors will be introduced to topics through speeches, discussions, pitches and networking opportunities.

Who it’s for: Crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors

Cost: €299

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Security Tokens Realised – Dubai C-Level Summit

Where: Dubai

When: 10 March

Why you should attend: The audience focus for these C-Level Summits are attendees from traditional securities markets – investment bankers, institutional investors, asset managers, fund managers, broker-dealers, and family offices. It’s of interest to anyone looking to learn about the latest developments and the potential of the new technology of smart securities (security tokens), how they will affect their industry, the opportunities, the potential and the realities of where we are now, and where it’s going.

Who it’s for: Investment bankers, institutional investors, asset managers

Cost: £750

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CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit

Where: London, United Kingdom

When: 10 March

Why you should attend: CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit is London’s leading conference focused on bridging the gap between the digital asset ecosystem and traditional finance.
Industry leaders will address the most pressing issues facing the industry, featuring key themes including the evolution of the digital asset marketplace, the institutionalisation of digital assets, and the innovative financial instruments needed to accommodate this transition.
Who it’s for: Industry leaders, crypto enthusiasts, fintech professionals

Cost: £212 – £499

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DC Blockchain Summit 2020

Where: Washington, DC, United States

When: 11 – 12 March

Why you should attend: Held in partnership with Georgetown University’s Center for Financial Markets and Policy, DC Blockchain Summit 2020 will feature discussions with innovators and technologists from around the globe, including in-depth conversations with policymakers and regulators on the issues impacting the growing blockchain landscape.

Who it’s for: Policymakers, blockchain entrepreneurs, industry leaders, fintech professionals

Cost: $99 – $1,399

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Blockchain Africa Conference 2020

Where: Johannesburg, South Africa

When: 11 – 12 March

Why you should attend: Africa’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency conference. Bitcoin Events’ annual Blockchain Africa Conferences were the first of their kind in Africa and have brought together some of the top thought leaders from across the globe. Over 1600 delegates and 135 speakers have attended their previous five conferences, from both the public and private sector. The conference will explore how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies provide opportunities and benefits for individuals, governments, start-ups, companies, and institutions by removing and improving inefficient systems and processes within and across organisations.

Who it’s for: Industry professionals, blockchain entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, crypto enthusiasts

Cost: $235/R3,500

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Blockchain Tech World

Where: London, United Kingdom

When: 11 – 12 March

Why you should attend: Blockchain Technology World is a new major event dedicated to fast-forwarding the adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technology across businesses of all sizes and in all industries – the core focus of Blockchain Technology World is the real-world application and integration of the technology.

Who it’s for: C-suite executives, blockchain entrepreneurs, fintech professionals

Cost: Dependent on registration type

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Finnovex Middle East 2020

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

When: 11 – 12 March

Why you should attend: Top professionals and C-level executives from the financial services industry come together to examine how technology is changing the delivery of banking and financial services. Finnovex Middle East will discuss the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organisations, investment firms, fintech companies, and other stakeholders in developing incentives for the paradigm shift in this sector.

Who it’s for: Fintech professionals, industry leaders

Cost: Dependent on registration type

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Bitcoin trading for beginners with Luno

Where: Workshop 17, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa

When: 18 March

Why you should attend: Grey Jabesi, cryptocurrency trader and producer of the Survival Skills Podcast and Hardcore Crypto YouTube channel, in partnership with Luno, is hosting their first Bitcoin trading-focused workshop

Bitcoin is still a relatively new technology with massive potential to change the world of finance as we know it. Today many people trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using skills and knowledge which allow them to benefit from changes in the Bitcoin price. At this informative workshop, you can expect to learn trading basics, how to stay safe and DYOR (do your own research), along with a live trading session facilitated by Jabesi.

Disclaimer: This is an educational event, we do not provide financial/trading advice.

Who it’s for: Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin enthusiasts, industry professionals

Cost: R100

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Crypto and Pizza

Where: The Innovation Village, Kampala, Block D, Uganda

When: 19 March

Why you should attend: If you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, the potential for them to improve people’s quality of life in Uganda and Africa, and you like pizza – this is an event you shouldn’t miss. We’ll also be covering how to use the Luno platform and our Exchange.

Who it’s for: Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and industry professionals

Cost: Free (pending registration – spots are limited)

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Bitcoin 2020

Where: San Francisco, United States

When: 27 – 28 March

Why you should attend: Bitcoin 2020 offers the opportunity to thoughtfully evaluate Bitcoin and what it means to the world.

Who it’s for: Bitcoin enthusiasts, industry professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, fintech entrepreneurs

Cost: From $349 (tickets are $50 off when purchased with Bitcoin)

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Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2020

Where: Paris, France

When: 31 March – 1 April

Why you should attend: The PBWSummit aims to gather the most prominent blockchain and digital asset organisations from all around the world for two days of insightful talks in Paris.

Who it’s for: Industry professionals, blockchain enthusiasts, fintech professionals

Cost: €350 – €1,700

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