Ex-Meta executive launches Bitcoin lightning company


David Marcus, a former executive at Facebook Messenger, has announced the creation of his new company, Lightspark


In a Twitter thread, Marcus notes the need for change in payments and financial systems as a key driver for the move

What next

Lightspark will focus on building, exploring and creating value on the Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Story

Former Facebook Messenger lead and PayPal executive David Marcus has announced the creation of Lightspark, a company focused on building and extending the capabilities and utility of Bitcoin, according to a recent announcement on Twitter.

In the thread, Marcus outlined that the first step will be the creation of a team dedicated to exploring the Lightning Network, citing recent market downturns as “good moments to focus on building and creating value”.

Marcus will take the helm as CEO of Lighstpark alongside a number of high profile investors including Thrive Capital, Coatue and Felix Capital among others. 

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