Get to know AF Tan

Below is a Certified Luno Educator, who is trained to conduct basic cryptocurrency education classes and social events.

Neither Luno nor any Certified Luno Educators will ever give financial or trading advice. They will never offer to trade or invest on your behalf, nor are they authorised to. Educators will also never ask for your password, 2FA codes or one-time pin. Please don’t share these with anyone at all – even if they say they work at or with Luno. 

The Educator’s official social channels are listed below. Please make sure to check the address is correct before you engage with them, as scammers will create fake profiles that look very similar and may only have 1 number or letter changed. 

If you sense something suspicious is going on, please end all communication and contact us regarding your concerns. Please report it to us by submitting screenshots of the incident here.

Tell us about yourself

I am AF Tan from Cyberjaya, Selangor. I love to teach and help others to achieve their highest potential. I am grateful that LUNO has given me the opportunity to guide others to understand and benefit from the crypto world.

Describe what you do as a Luno Educator in one sentence.

I help others to understand what cryptocurrencies are and how to benefit from them.

Why did you choose to become a Luno Educator?

I am keen on crypto and I love to teach. This is a good opportunity for me to learn in greater depth and to share with others. Together we shall advance into the crypto world!

How would you define financial literacy?

The ability to understand and effectively apply various financial skills to manage our finances.

Why should others care about financial literacy?

It is the key to wealth creation, accumulation and preservation.

How did you develop your own financial literacy?

Through hard knocks as there were no financial educators or mentors available at earlier time. Now we have! And we have certified LUNO educators too, to guide us in the crypto financial world!

What advice do you have for people at the beginning of their crypto journey?

Understand what crypto is, know the path and walk it till you achieve your goals.

What would you say to somebody who is not sure whether to invest into Bitcoin or not?

Join the bandwagon when there is still plenty of room, don’t wait till it is overcrowded. Crypto is not a myth but a reality and may be the norm of tomorrow.

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