If Bitcoin Pizza Guy was a HODLer: 10 things 10,000 Bitcoins could get Laszlo today

By now, everyone knows about the guy who back in 2010 dared someone on a Bitcoin forum to sell him real-life, edible pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. Keep in mind, Bitcoin was barely a year old back then, known only to those who frequented the strange, dark corners of the internet. 

Jump ahead 12 years and it’s a different story altogether. The startups, VCs and banks have moved in, and this Bitcoin thing has become a conversation starter around dinner tables across the globe. Bitcoin is legal tender in some countries, for goodness sake! How was Laszlo Hanyecz, aka Bitcoin Pizza Guy, ever to know? 

In light of Bitcoin Pizza Day, every year on 22 May, let’s look at what Lazslo could buy today had he held on to his precious Bitcoins and not squandered them on baked cheese and dough, hearty as it were. For argument’s sake, let’s peg the price at $30,000 to one Bitcoin. So, what does 10,000 Bitcoin, or $300 million, get you?

If Laszlo were a HODLer, today he could…

Buy an island 

½ island, at the very least 

The most expensive island in the world is situated in Hawaii and goes for about $600 million. It’s owned by the guy who started Oracle, the third-largest computer software company in the world. Also, know that there are websites the very wealthy do their window shopping on for listed islands.

Buy Google. Well, Google stocks, at least

135,869 Google stocks 

That’s a lot of stake in the internet. 

Buy a few Lambos 

1500 Lambos, the cheap ones 

A cheap Lamborghini will set you back about $200,000, but the more sought-after models can fetch around $500,000. Whichever, Laszlo could buy them, easily. 

Space travel, twice

2 trips to outer space 

The company Space Adventures charges a cool $150,000,000 for a trip around the moon aboard a Russian spacecraft. The price includes 10 days docked at the International Space Station, all training costs and a personal cosmonaut guide. Sounds like a deal. 

Rent in New York, pretty much forever 

100,000 months’ rent in New york. 

At $3,000 per month, the going rate of a rental in NY, you might as well just pay for life, upfront, in cash. 

Buy literal castles 

30 castles, give or take.

The Christie’s site has a few castles listed, many of them going for around $10 million. Not a bad price for royalty, today. 

More than 100 disinterested monkeys 

100+ Bored Ape NFTs

Ok, given all that’s going on in crypto, an NFT may not be the most sound investment at the moment, but at least you’ll have a choice of more than 100 profile pics for your Twitter profile, some of them worth more than $2 million a pick. 

Own an Andy Warhol

1 Shot Sage Blue Marilyn

Andy Warhol’s iconic pop-infused version of Marilyn Monroe, titled Shot Sage Blue Marilyn, sold earlier this month for $195 million, the most ever for a painting by an American artist. It would make a nice addition to the castle walls. 

All the gold in the land 

5,000 kgs of gold 

At roughly $60,000 per kilogram, you’re going to need a big ol’ vault, somewhere below the castle floors, for all that bullion. 

Hold your Bitcoin 

All 10,000 of them.  

Don’t make the same mistake twice, Laszlo. Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day, big guy. We salute you. We feel for you, but we salute you. 

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