Is Luno regulated?

Luno is legal and regulated

We maintain the required licences and registrations in the countries where we operate. We recognise the importance that robust regulation plays in protecting consumers and ensuring that platforms, like Luno, have proper controls in place, are well-managed and can be trusted to keep customer funds safe.

Luno’s mission is to put the power of crypto in everyone’s hands, which always involves keeping our customers safe. As part of our mission, Luno works with regulators across the world to help build appropriate and effective regulatory frameworks for the crypto industry.

Why is this important? 

It’s our responsibility to engage and work with regulators to implement policies that make it safe and easy for our customers to explore, buy and store crypto. 

We value our customers’ trust above all else, so Luno will always adhere to the changing laws in any country that we operate in, and will continue to work with regulators around the world to put in place a regulatory system that benefits you, our customer.

Visit our website to see Luno’s licences and registrations.

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