Last Week in Review: Bitcoin whitepaper hidden in Apple Macs, and Ethereum posted a 9-month high

Apakah upgrade Shanghai akan berpengaruh pada harga Ethereum?

The highlights from last week’s headline grabbers. All the important news, numbers and events from the world of crypto in one place. 

News from the block

🍏 Bitcoin whitepaper hidden in MacOS computers 

  • A copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper has been hidden inside every MacOS shipped since 2017. 
  • The PDF is hidden within a function called Virtual Scanner II in the Image Capture Utility, and can be accessed through the terminal app. 
  • It is unclear why the whitepaper was included and remains to be seen whether Apple will remove the PDF in future patches.

🟠 MicroStrategy bought millions worth of Bitcoin 

  • MicroStrategy bought 1,045 Bitcoin worth $29.3 million, at an average price of $28,016.
  • The company now holds approximately 140,000 Bitcoin with an average purchase price of $29,803.
  • The purchases were made between 24 March 24 and 4 April. 

☝️Ethereum posted a 9-month high ahead of Shanghai upgrade

  • Ethereum had a peek above $1,900 in a week where the smart contracts crypto outperformed Bitcoin. 
  • The rally may be due to investor anticipation of the upcoming Shanghai upgrade set to unlock staked ETH. 
  • Some believe the upgrade may introduce selling pressure, but that pessimism has begun to dissipate as investors begin to get a clearer picture of how unstaking, and staking, on Ethereum will unfold. 

🧀 Swiss financial services company gives its millions of customers access to crypto    

  • PostFinance, a financial services company fully owned by the Swiss government, has partnered with digital assets bank Sygnum to offer its customers access to regulated cryptocurrency services. PostFinance is Switzerland’s fifth-largest financial services firm, with more than 2.5 million customers.
  • Its customers will be able to buy, store, and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum through Sygnum’s B2B banking platform. 
  • The move comes in response to customer demand for more security, regulation, and trust in the crypto market. Switzerland’s regulatory clarity for cryptocurrencies make it an attractive investment environment, according to Sygnum’s chief B2B officer Fritz Jost. 

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Where did Avalanche come from? 

Where did Avax come from?

  • Emin Gün Sirer and his team of doctoral candidates founded Ava Labs to focus on building and scaling Avalanche. 
  • Their expressed goal was to establish it as the cryptocurrency network of choice for companies that want to launch products in web3. 
  • Read more about the origins of Avalanche HERE

Crunching the numbers

📈 105% – The increase in MicroStrategy’s share price since the beginning of 2023. As a public company, MicroStrategy is one of the largest holders of Bitcoin, currently owning 1 out every 150 coins that will ever be created. 

🍰 17% – Stablecoins’ share of the entire crypto market cap. An increase in stablecoin dominance means a larger share of stablecoins in the market, signalling a risk-averse sentiment as investors redeem stablecoins for dollars or sell off major cryptos such as BTC and ETH.

⚖️ 12% – Stablecoin dominance on 25 March. 

💪 45.76% – Bitcoin dominance at the time of writing. 

💳 100,000 – The estimated number of people in India that have used the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) since the pilot kicked off in December.

The crypto time capsule

Will history repeat itself in the next halving cycle? 

Crypto trivia

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