Last week in review: Latin America’s largest investment bank rolls out crypto trading platform

All the news, comments and other happenings from last week in crypto.

Biggest news from the block
There was a lot of talk about regulation last week, with lawmakers in the US and the UK tabling discussions about how best to enable investors to engage safely with crypto. Elsewhere, listed companies, including Google’s Alphabet, are betting big on blockchain; and Brazil’s largest investment bank is set to roll out crypto trading to its clients.

Too long, did read
A step-by-step guide to who does what in crypto.

Crunching the numbers
Mind-boggling numbers and percentages from the cryptosphere.

The crypto time capsule
On 18 August 2008, Satoshi did a thing.

Crypto trivia
Ever wonder how Ethereum developers decide on names for testnets?

Worth a watch
What does a blockchain actually look like? A computer engineer, speaking slowly and plainly, shows you exactly how a blockchain works.

News from the block

BTG Pactual presents the Mynt crypto asset platformBloomberg
The largest investment bank in Latin America is rolling out a platform through which its clients can buy and sell crypto.

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UK crypto industry welcomes new Stablecoin rules, awaits guidanceCoindesk
A new proposed law that will decide which regulator oversees stablecoins and exactly how they will do so is to be debated in the UK parliament, beginning September 2022

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40 Public Firms Invest around $6B in Blockchain Industry BlockchainNews
Companies that are publicly listed on a stock exchange, large companies with many shareholders, have put their money behind blockchain innovation.

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TL;Did read

We get that news goes down easier when consumed in bite-sized chunks but some topics just need a little added sauce. Below are the TL;Did reads from last week, for those who prefer their news with context.

A step-by-step guide to who does what in crypto

It is vital that every crypto investor knows exactly who does what in the industry to better understand who is in charge of their coins and what they are doing with them. 

Crunching the numbers

1,871,425 – How many Bitcoins are left to be mined

21 million – The total supply of Bitcoin

$6 billion – The amount of capital listed companies have invested in blockchain technology since June this year

6 years – How long the Ethereum Merge, set for mid-September has been in the making

The crypto time capsule

14 years ago, on 18 August, Satoshi Nakamoto registered the domain name

Crypto trivia

The Ethereum testnets, Kovan, Rinkeby, Sokol, Görli and Ropsten, are each named after a subway station. Testnets are used in blockchain engineering and are basically replicas of the networks on which the software upgrades are to be rolled out. In this case, the testnets are replicas of the Ethereum network.

Worth a watch

Ever wondered what a blockchain looks like? Anderson Bronworth shows you exactly how a blockchain works and how miners solve mathematical puzzles to process blocks on the chain.

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