Luno recognised in Finder’s Crypto Trading Platform Awards

This article was written by Zyane Tan, Editor of leading comparison site Finder

As cryptocurrency heads towards mainstream adoption, there’s been an increasingly obvious need for investment platforms that put user experience at the heart of their services.

Luno was recently recognised in Finder’s inaugural Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Awards, beating out other participating brands for the highly-commended cryptocurrency trading platform award in Singapore.

Finder’s analysis was based on more than 50 individual criteria, which broadly fell across the following categories: value for money, coins available, beginner-friendly, advanced features and trading, customer support and security.

Luno saw impressive scores across Finder’s spectrum of performance metrics, particularly ease of use and customer support.With its intuitive user experience, Finder found that Luno is a compelling option for those who prefer a crypto investment platform without much of a learning curve.

Basic features aside, Luno stands out with a handful of excellent extras. Finder was particularly impressed that users looking to make multiple purchases over a period could access a repeat buy function that can automate buy-ins at regular intervals. This way, users can apply dollar-cost averaging for crypto on a daily, weekly or monthly basis without the hassle of doing it manually.

The Luno Savings feature was another stand-out perk, offering yield on selected cryptocurrency assets with no fixed terms or hidden fees. This allows investors to grow their cryptocurrency investments by investing and allowing it to compound and grow exponentially. 

At Finder, we’re particularly conscious that the world of crypto can be intimidating for newcomers. For people in this position, Luno offers an extensive library of educational resources to help its users understand and navigate this complex, rapidly developing market. Through Luno Discover, users can easily broaden their crypto knowledge and stay up to speed with market trends.

Finder’s awards program was launched to help celebrate companies that offer Singaporean users the best cryptocurrency products. When picking the best exchanges in each category, Finder used a data-driven approach to analyse all relevant features and fees, fairly and equally, to arrive at the list of winners and finalists. For more information on the awards program and the full methodology, visit 

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