Winner of the #Lunosaur Challenge

Over five weeks of our #Lunosaur Challenge, we saw giant Lunosaur sculptures, tiny origami creations and everything in between.

At the launch of our #Lunosaur Challenge, we shared our vision for the future of money. That vision didn’t look good for fiat currencies. Not even a little. To bring the extinction of the old financial system even quicker, we ran our #Lunosaur Challenge where we invited you to join us.


We could not have anticipated the quality and creativity that came our way. You took the dinosaurs in your wallet, folded them into incredible Lunosaur creations, and the mass extinction of the Lunosaur began to stream in on our social media channels. We saw every interpretation; from reptilian augmented reality to arts-n-crafts sweatshops that melted our crypto-hearts, you took a giant leap towards upgrading the world to a better financial system.

The blood, sweat and tears (seriously – papercuts are no joke…) that went into over 800 entries made the #Lunosaur Challenge something to remember.

It was really tough to pick the winner, but one really caught our hearts:

Congratulations, Luke W!

Upgrading the world to a better financial system is not a one-person job. The winner of the #Lunosaur Challenge, Luke W, understood this and enlisted the help of his friends to create his entry.

Watch as his badass Bitcoin superhero takes down the bank-backed, fiat-laden Lunosaur in this epic showdown between the old and the new:

A very special thank you to everyone who participated. We’re humbled by all the effort that was put into the challenge. We really appreciate your help in bringing the spirit of our campaign to life and hope that you had a great deal of fun.

Top picks from our team

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Lunosaur makes it to Snapchat with it's own AR filter

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Lunosaur vs. Bitcoin

Lunosaurs were definitely harmed in the making of this

Lunosaurs were definitely harmed in the making of this

Minions meet Lunosaurs

Minions meet Lunosaurs

Lunosaurs learn to garden

The future looks mighty painful

Lunosaur's future looks mighty painful

Learning to survive in the new world

When Lunosaur tries to get a job

The freedom to transact is a human right

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Giant Lunosaur dab

Giant Lunosaur dab

Our team also got into the #Lunosaur spirit


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