Meet Lihle, the school teacher proving the value of a good crypto education

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As a father and school teacher in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Lihle understands the value of a good cryptocurrency education more than most…

People get started with crypto for all sorts of reasons – some of them stranger than others. Lihle’s story is especially unusual in that his crypto investment journey began when he narrowly avoided falling victim to a crypto scam. Fortunately he saw through the ruse, but it didn’t dissuade him from using Luno’s learning portal to educate himself on how cryptocurrency really works and finding out what all the excitement is about.

Since then, he’s become a bitcoin investor himself and has stored his crypto securely in a Luno wallet, where he’s watched his investments grow over time. As for the future, Lihle can’t wait to see how cryptocurrency uplifts communities and those around him.

A most fortunate scam

There are scams in all walks of life, and while many of us can pat ourselves on the back for avoiding them, it’s rare that people turn them into an opportunity. For Lihle, what could have been an unfortunate event quickly turned into the start of a journey to financial wellness.

“Somebody wanted me to deposit Bitcoin into a crypto wallet. I didn’t know then but I know now: I was going to send them crypto, and they were just going to take it and run.

“It’s a long journey, but people need to be nurtured and they will see the light.”


“So I chose to download the Luno app to make the deposit, and the first thing I came across was Explore, and there was so much information there.”

Mr. Ngubane, as he’s known to his pupils, waited for several days to hear from the con artist. He spent that time wisely…

The teacher becomes the student

To make sure he wasn’t being fooled, Lihle was humble enough to put aside his teacher’s hat and become a student by studying Luno’s educational platform, Explore.

“Explore is one of the most brilliant things that could be incorporated with a crypto wallet, as It allows you to clear up skepticism through the educational content it provides. Every question you have, is answered.

“I’ve learnt, I’ve read, I’ve understood, and I’ve kept my money with Luno for a long time.”

“A week later when the scammer called me back, I said I’d learnt a lot; I said I’d rather keep my investment with Luno, and since then I’ve been learning and discovering new things, and I didn’t speak to them again,” says Lihle.

Lihle’s crypto mission

To Lihle, being a teacher is a calling, and his efforts to enlighten the world go beyond the walls of his classroom; he wants to share his knowledge with as many people as he can, starting at home.

“It’s funny how I came across the Luno app and how I developed this relationship with it,” says Lihle. “But it’s become an app I’ve decided to share with a lot of people. I’ve seen what happens on the Luno app, and I want to help people—especially people in my area—to see that there is actually an app where your crypto investments are safe.

“I sat down with my family at the dinner table and I explained crypto to them as much as I could – and now it’s where they keep most of their currency.

“It’s a long journey, but people need to be nurtured and they will see the light.”

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