MetaRising aims to support real-world agricultural technology using Metaverse platform


MetaRising is a Metaverse platform that makes use of a virtual economy and a Play-to-Earn (P2E) farm-themed game to support the real-world agricultural industry


Due to the monopolisation of the seed industry, climate change and limited land resources, there is a need for research and funding in agricultural technology. MetaRising users can earn virtual currency in-game and then use this to contribute to various real-world agricultural initiatives, and purchase NFTs

What next 

The Metaverse platform aims to use blockchain technology to support research initiatives in agricultural technology and promote environmentally sustainable farming practices. Depending on the user’s financial input, users will earn a portion of the income generated from these initiatives

The story 

MetaRising allows users to earn virtual currency using their P2E farm-themed game and then use this currency to contribute to agricultural initiatives globally and purchase NFTs. The project plans to make use of blockchain technology and the tokens earned in-game to contribute to the seed treatment market. 

According to Digital Journal, many farmers depend on a handful of genetically modified seed producers and due to a lack of funding and investors, these producers have monopolised the market. Support for research initiatives in agricultural technology is much needed due to rapid world population growth and limited land resources. 

“The project aims to improve this market crisis by pooling its expertise and resources to launch the world’s first agricultural crowdfunding platform, SeedBox.” And MetaRising has successfully obtained “official UN Global Vendor Certification as a blockchain project with expressive interests in the food supply, carbon emission reduction, and climate change prevention. This validation has positioned as a project that combines the thrill of the metaverse with real-world utility,” a member of the Mircotuber team Edward Yi, commented in a statement.  

MetaRising aims to use staking and funding on the Seedbox platform. And depending on the user’s financial input, users can earn a portion of the income generated from these initiatives. A percentage of the proceeds generated will also go towards carbon-neutral projects that promote environmental stability.

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