What is the metaverse being used for? Education seems to be the next frontier

image of woman using VR headset


Aspiring engineers at the University of Tokyo will soon be able to learn more about the field of engineering by completing courses in the metaverse 


The project by the University of Tokyo aims to attract high school students, particularly female students, to the field of engineering by giving them a virtual introduction in the metaverse

What next 

Along with these virtual introductory courses, the university also plans to offer online courses in AI, entrepreneurial education and next-gen communication technology 

The story 

University officials said using the metaverse in this way will create a system in which anyone, of any age, can learn about engineering and other sciences. 

Teruo Fujii, the president of the university, has in the past given a lecture and online orientation in the metaverse for incoming students.

The metaverse allows educators to build virtual reality models of their field of study, much like a virtual simulator used by pilots before taking the steer of an actual aeroplane. For educators, this opens possibilities such as virtual labs and science simulation, or virtual tours. This new, rapidly developing space has come to be known as the “eduverse”

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