Morocco now North Africa’s leading P2P crypto trading nation

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Research data reveals Morocco as North Africa’s leading peer-to-peer crypto trading nation


Interest in cryptocurrency in Morocco has been rising despite local regulations 

What next

Morocco’s central bank, Bank-Al-Maghrib has begun exploring the benefits of launching a digital currency

The story

Despite its government previously announcing restrictive measures on crypto trading, Morocco has been revealed as the leading crypto-trading nation after its peer-to-peer (P2P) trade volumes rose to $6 million.

According to data from crypto payments company Triplea, only three African countries exceeded Morocco’s volumes: Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. These nations also have higher proportions of crypto owners among their populations.

The report goes on to note that this increase in trade volumes follows the announcement by the nation’s central bank: Bank-Al-Maghrib that said it would explore the benefits of launching a digital currency.

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