Upgrading the world – we’re not just another crypto company

During the Space Race, all anyone could talk about was getting to the moon. Kids wanted to become astronauts and most people expected to take interstellar vacations within their lifetimes. It was the era of Space Odyssey: 2001 and peak technological advancements like the world’s first laser. And, besides, everyone knows that lasers are cool. They just are.


Our world is very different now and while we may not have flying cars like the Jetsons, we’ve still come a long way. We’ve got supercomputers in our pockets that can order pizza straight to our doors. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain have taken their place in the headlines, not as far-off dreams, but as currently-booming industries.

The future of now

Our major focus as a society is no longer to get off-planet. Even with a certain someone’s plans to colonise Mars – we’re looking at you, Musk. There are startups and game-changers working on building a better future right here, Earth-side.

Some worry about the threat these new technologies pose to the status quo, though. And Dr. Seussian rhyming aside, change can be hard to embrace, even when it’s in your face, your whole life – every place! Ok, we’ll stop…

Decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, for example, are the new frontier. We’re moving into an age where everything is interconnected, yet our financial system still works about as efficiently as a whistle on the moon. Elon, if your algorithm is reading this: This is not a challenge to create a lunar whistle. Please don’t. We beg of you.

It’s time for a natural evolution. The future of money as we see it is one that is inclusive, accessible and safe, for everyone, everywhere.

Hype or serious business?

It seems like everyone is in on the latest blockchain breakthrough and startups are cropping up everywhere with their ICOs and altcoins. While some are developing technologies for legitimate use-cases for the future, others are simply jumping on the bandwagon trying to make a quick buck.

Bitcoin is an inspiring, open and equal cryptocurrency technology. A true leveller. And we want to be at the forefront of making it accessible and safe for everyone. Our vision at Luno is one of commitment to the long-term. We are building products and services, and nurturing communities that provide sustainable access to an upgraded financial system.

Although the early days can be a bit challenging with volatility and the looming presence of the unknown, we know it’s just a teething phase. As the market matures and we become better acquainted with these new financial concepts, they’ll soon stabilise. Soon, sending and receiving cryptocurrency will be as natural to us as double-tapping an Instagram post, or using nothing but emoji to answer a text.

Getting to the moon

We know it’s going to take some time to build this new world. We don’t expect to flip a switch and for the world to change; look how long it took the internet to get going. This is why we choose to do things differently.

We’re taking the giant leap to upgrade the world to a better financial system. And we’re doing it responsibly. It’s why we take the time to educate you, our customer, helping you prepare for success and most of all protecting you from bad players. It’s why we want to be with you face-to-face at our events and meetups, and why we’re really picky about adding more cryptocurrencies to our platform.

We take our responsibility of upgrading the world’s financial system seriously and we’re excited to have you join us on this journey. It’s time for a better way forward; for a safer and more inclusive system to get us to the moon – if only figuratively this time (moon-landing conspiracy theorists, please hold your comments: we’ve seen the History Channel ‘documentaries’, too).

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