Uniswap to merge with Sudoswap to expand NFT offerings


Uniswap will integrate its platform with Sudoswap, a decentralised NFT marketplace


Uniswap is expanding into the NFT market. Last month, UniLabs acquired Genie to launch an NFT marketplace

What next

A tweet by the head of NFTs at Uniswap said they’ll be “launching NFTs on Uniswap with full Sudoswap support”

The story

Sudoswap allows users to trade and swap NFTs using liquidity pools — similar to how Uniswap works for cryptocurrencies. This means users can directly swap NFTs and use the liquidity in the pool to complete the trade.

Let’s say you have a Bored Ape but would prefer a Crypto Punk. You can list your Ape for sale and make the conditions of the swap a Punk. This could help to make NFT trading more flexible and would be akin to trading sports cards and other collectables.

In a tweet, Sudoswap outlined how automated market makers improve NFT trading:  “Currently, the NFT market relies on centralized order books that are subject to downtime and centralization risk. SudoAMM changes that by being fully on-chain. Anyone can source the same liquidity used by the Sudoswap marketplace in their applications using just Ethereum.”

Sudoswap will support different types of Ethereum tokens, including ERC-20 721, and 1155.

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