Uniswap to launch NFT marketplace later this year


Decentralised exchange (DEX) Uniswap has acquired NFT aggregator Genie and revealed plans for an NFT marketplace, set to launch later this year


Uniswap has previously been involved in NFTs with its Unisocks collection and says its new marketplace is “in pursuit of our mission to unlock universal ownership and exchange”

What next

Uniswap’s NFT marketplace is planned for an Autumn release this year and will host NFTs that follow the Ethereum and ERC-20 token standard

The story

Hayden Adams, CEO of Uniswap, said that this is “still early days for NFTs” and that Uniswap Labs has plans to integrate its app with Genie. As an NFT aggregator, Genie is a similar platform to Opensea, allowing users to browse, buy and sell NFT collections across the Ethereum blockchain.

A sneak peek of Uniswap’s NFT marketplace

Users of Genie that have made more than one transaction on the platform before 15 April will be able to claim a USDC airdrop from Uniswap in August for up to 12 months. Uniswap says the acquisition will not impact how Genie works in the meantime until their apps can be fully integrated, so users can continue to use it as normal.

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